NIPS Services was incorporated in June 2005, The Company was raised under Col N.P.Singh, as a main security provider and which has now grown into a provider of complete security solution under one roof. NIPS has a strong North India presence and is completely integrated in security services, facility management, fire and wire services.dressed-PHOTONIPS group of company is well organised and dependable company which is being run by professionals drawn from higher echelons of the Army civil and Intelligence Services. The Security today can not be completed without matching it with latest rapid changes which have taken place and will take place in the immediate near future. For smooth functioning Company has got standard operating procedures and systems which are being implemented by having a respective chief operating officer and his dedicated team in each service, whose total tasking is to efficiently manage and monitor the services provided to the client . The NIPS Services (P) LTD brand today is known for commitment and dedication towards clients.

Going forward, NIPS Services (P) Ltd plans to make strategic progress in the Facility Management, Transport Solutions & HR Staffing, and is being evaluated presence and partnerships in growing national markets through Joint Ventures and Acquisitions


The basic Principle of NIPS is, Discipline and Dedication to Duty at all times and ensuring good customer service to clients.

Ranjeet SinghMr Ranjeet Singh Director and heading  Regional Chandigarh,Punjab, Haryana,Himachal and some part of Uttrakhand. Well versed 36 years of experinced Banker served in State Bank of India worked at various location in India at Senior Positions..+Dynamic personality and leadership qualities. Effectively organize all types of Administrative activities, inculcate team spirit among workers and introduce systematic planning and methodology to meet the administrative challenges in the company.   Organize events in perfection to the extent possible and meet deadlines.   Easily share additional responsibilities willingly and execute them with competence.

Mr Inder Pal Singh MBA in Marketing & HR. Worked as a Banker for last  12 years. In the year 2015 January he has joined as a Director in NIPS Group. Concentrating on Marketing & Operations.Monitors the on-going quality improvement processes to ensure the best practices within the industry. Working on a innovative ideas  and working overall client satisfaction but also adding new dimensions to the NIPS Group. His rich experience has helping us in successfully achieving the Client Retention, which increased the clients’ confidence but also generated a lot of new good references.

Mr Binay Roy Graduate in BSC worked at Fire Brigade. Thereafter he has joined NIPS Group. Within the span of 4 years with the help of Col NP Singh he is upcoming leader in the unorganised sector of Fire. Raised the firm NIPS Wire & Fire Services (P) Ltd. and actively involved in all kinds of Marketing, Operations and Client Managment.